Saturday, November 04, 2006


Value is subjective. This statement is true of all values - no exceptions. There is no absolute value, no absolute ethics, nothing that will give you the answer in all situations. Every action has risks, and you make your judgment. You choose what you think will increase what is of value to you or minimize its decrease, and act. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

Of course, many will cry that this statement supports "situational ethics." No kidding! How many times have you seen movies or read books that propose "moral dilemmas?" Were you always happy with the outcome? Did you feel uneasy? Did you wonder what you would do - what was "ethical?" If you might save a person you loved, would it be permissable to torture someone? How about if it would save ten people? A thousand?

There are some interesting answers to these questions - not answers about "right" and "wrong" but about costs and benefits. Answers that the market can help us with and which will be discussed in future posts.